Tor na do

Recently our route of flight required finding a way around or through a fairly nasty line of storms extending from somewhere near Canada to central Texas.

One of the highlights of the day was that a large gap in the line of storms would allow us to stay pretty much on course instead of deviating way down south near Waco Texas.

Our radar depicted a clearly defined hook echo with a secondary cell just to the northeast of the primary cell. Just on the southwest corner of the hook echo a perfectly round return appeared.

These little round ball shaped returns on the edge of a severe storm are known for being “debris balls”.  They will come and go on the radar as a tornado touches down for a while then moves up again.

We are seriously considering the installation of a storm shelter at home.  Having all my stuff on radar would be bad enough but I really prefer not to fly on my days off.

Radar Image


One Response to “Tor na do”

  1. As much as he tried I couldn’t believe it, a tornado yeh right. He said “wait till the cows come flying by,” this at 34,000 feet… yeh right. Once on the ground the local news reported several tornados with seven dead. I never saw the cows go flying by but luckyjet was onto something.

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