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Stranger Than Fiction

Posted in Uncategorized on June 24, 2010 by luckyjet

Air sickness bags have a patent number on them.

Seatbelt extensions are required by the FAA to have a label that includes the word FAATSO.

Runway numbers are based on compass direction, but they often change.

Airlines sell alcohol and occasionally give it away but it is illegal to allow a passenger to board if they “appear to be intoxicated”.

It is illegal to allow a person to board if they “appear to be deranged”,  yet the Americans With Disabilities Act prevents denial of transport for a diagnosed condition.

Airline Transport Pilots are required by regulation to be “of good moral character”.

It is against Federal Law to wear any part of the American flag as an article of clothing. This is a real Federal Law but it has no stated consequence. However,  FAA regulations clearly state that “a person violating any Federal Law while exercising the privileges of a Pilot Certificate will have that Certificate and all associated ratings revoked”. Not suspended.  Revoked.  This was presumably a rule intended to make things difficult for smugglers or people who tear tags off of mattresses while flying. Since about half of  airline pilots wear a “patriotic” tie as part of the uniform they are not legal to fly again. Ever.  This interesting  intersection of a Federal Law and Federal Regulation doesn’t even require prosecution in order to take effect. There is no appeal allowed for intentionally violating a FAA Regulation. In order to be in full compliance with the regulations they  are REQUIRED to surrender their pilot certificate and presumably find their own way home.

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