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Multiple Single Point Failure Modality

Posted in Uncategorized on November 15, 2009 by luckyjet

The trip went far better than could have been expected.  The only exceptions were total random unexplained failure of  an Expensive Ass Nikon M something camera )(   and a dang good  well travelled HP laptop.

The combined effect of these malfunctions was to prevent posting as the trip progressed.  

Archival posting from my notes will be forthcoming notwithstanding and fortwith.

From my house to my Uncle Bills in New Mexico is about 673 miles. An early departure on the 2nd allowed for a full day of  preparation, get ready, and setting things aside to be forgotten.

Things like tightening all of the framework on the trailer, some of which came loose on the far side of Fort Worth. Nothing a short stop by the road couldn’t fix.

This is about where the Nikon started to give up.  It would act like it was taking a picture, and go through all of the picture taking behaviours except the part where it remembers the danged image.

So imagine the photo below of the trailer rig except with a white Suburban attached to the front. The early morning sun back lights the scene of a middle aged man climbing around on steel rails reattaching crossmembers above the trailer. 

Breezy Trip 006

He looks great.  That’s me up there, out there.  The Western sky illuminated only by the brushstrokes of  a gentle sunrise of a perfect morning.

With only 3,500 miles to go what could possibly go wrong?


Wests Best Kept Secrets

Posted in Uncategorized on November 4, 2009 by luckyjet

Organ MountainsAt the top of  four AM mountain time,  five central, but since the daylight savings thing just changed it was really later. I think.

Anticipation of the adventure ahead pulled me from a light sleep and wrestled me out of bed after only a few hours rest.  The previous day had been filled with trailer and truck preparation after returning from a four day “Airline Adventure”.

A mere 12 solo  hours later arrival at my uncles house in New Mexico marked the end of the first leg of the trip.  After some chile that couldn’t be beat and a good solid nap we were ready to hit the road.

With the Sun still well over the horizon we were on the way. The photo is right before we departed.

The days drive took us across New Mexico Indian Country, Arizona, through Nevada across the Hoover dam and well in to the desert.

We ended up somewhere beyond Area 51,  precisely in the middle of nowhere.  The reason it is so secret is that there is nobody here. Nothing                                                                                 for                   a very                long                       ways.