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Good God Y’all

Posted in Uncategorized on October 21, 2009 by luckyjet

James Brown couldn’t have expressed it better.  As an indirect  result of the tragic loss of a friend in a sport flying accident our family will be re-united with the airplane my brother, dad, uncle, friends, and I built.  The airplane is not only ugly, it is improbable.  It has been in other ownership for almost forty years but now comes home for overhaul, refit and a new look. 

The Breezy comes home now after all this time. Dad has been gone 25 years. Hi gone 27,  Jack  we dont really know  but we didn’t really get along anyway.breezy

you can’t tell much from the photo but much will revealed during the epic recovery of the airframe starting November 1. None of the usual airline nonsense is of real consequence anyway. This will be fun. 

Stay tuned while the execution of a multiple thousand mile recovery and restoration mission unfolds. 

Coming home after all these years. Positively Homeric.