Moron The News

Somebody did it again.  The news reports that a valued passenger arriving in Phoenix got out of the airplane through an emergency exit. 

After arriving safely at the gate.

We should all wonder what a person uses in place of a thought process when they do something this dang weird. 

Imagine trying to explain this to a fifth grader. Why were you gone so long daddy? Oh, I got tired of waiting to get off of the airplane and felt a little anxious so I bolted out onto the wing,  slid down a ten foot drop to the concrete and ran like a rabbit.

I rarely offer unsolicited suggestions to the FAA but the following signage might be an improvement  for the Over-wing exits.













8 Responses to “Moron The News”

  1. Woah! Does this happen often? I can see maybe for someone with serious claustrophobia/panic attack where you brain convinces you that you gonna die. But doing this out of impatience? Freaks!

  2. Haha, the second one could be from advice dog:

  3. Boogaloo,
    If they are having an attack of claustraphobia, why didn’t they earlier and if they could deal with the tiny seats earlier why not just sit the &*$# down and close their eyes. I’m calling this as alcohol involved.

  4. luckyjet1 Says:

    These events are usually the result of people freaking out over seeing smoke from one of the engines. The claustraphobia thing and anxiety attacks seem to be secondary to over reacting.

    Alcohol sales provide a good source of revenue for the airlines or we wouldn’t even allow it at all. It figures in to a high percentage of passenger issue problems. They are fun to watch though.

  5. Flydaddy Says:

    Speaking of pax inappropriately opening exits, any word on the fate of the helpful sort that tried to sink Cactus 1549? Or was he just out to pet the fishies?

    • luckyjet1 Says:

      Cactus’ management will probably do about the same thing at the rate they are progressing.

      The early NTSB stuff I have read has no mention of anything anybody, including passengers, being other than amazing and/or perfect.

      Except for the birds, they didn’t do so well.

  6. It’s September and we haven’t heard from you for a while… I miss your blog. Hope you’re ok

  7. Its late September and i really should be back at school …. oh, that’s a rod Stewart lyric. The blog should be ressurected soon, there hasn’t been much time for it but times are a changin. I hope to be buying an experimental airplane my Dad, brother, and I built about 40 years ago. This will give me a little more to blather on about. Thank you for your concern, Happy Landings.

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