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Angry Little Man

Posted in Uncategorized on November 24, 2008 by luckyjet

Some goober in the news is complaining that he was treated badly after telling airline people that he would be angry on a flight because he didn’t like something about his fare or something.

Shouldn’t it be a fair assumption that by now everybody would know that we are supposed to be nice at the airport?

Is it reasonable? No it isn’t. Most airline customer service is horrible at best. Is it the way it is? Yes.

So accept it. The way things are is that you MUST BE NICE AT THE AIRPORT.  As a worst case you could be shot dead by security forces for being weird or rude. At the very least they will send your baggage on a tour of the planet.

Airline people are as a rule a little pissy about the lack of job security, pay cuts, the tragic events of 9-11, long hours, mergers, and  changes in the employee parking.

So PLEASE be nice, you owe it to yourself. Nice will get you everywhere. Act nice even when you don’t feel nice. 

Try a random act of kindness when you least feel like it. Buy yourself a Hershey bar and eat it slowly but don’t tell anybody. For the sake of transportation be nice on the outside.

The people that work at the ticket counter are trained to ignore you to an extent that is unbelievable. You probably will not affect the outcome of their day much less their career so don’t rage against the machine.  Write a cogent letter if you have been wronged.

Please take my advice and float like a leaf on the river of transport, it’s almost always a great day to fly and hardly ever a great day to get arrested.  Or shot.


A Reformed Smoker

Posted in Uncategorized on November 20, 2008 by luckyjet

If you still smoke please stop. If you haven’t started and aren’t already about to die from something else you should probably avoid starting. 

I’ve noticed some things of interest during my recent travels other than the sunset.

The “Big Three Auto-Execs” (an auto-exec batch?)  were begging Congress for billions of dollars today and were critisized for jetting into town in private airplanes.

This was probably bad form, but these guys are so far out in orbit who could expect them to know what little people like us would think anyway.

Before I go off on an aviation rantgent,  does anybody other than me remember that Chrysler sold out to Mercedes or somebody a few years ago? Shouldn’t it be the Big Two?  Would anybody other than my daughter buy a Chrysler product anyway?  

The danged airport they flew in to, formerly called Washington was changed to “Reagan (by Bush) so it would be named after a president. It should have been closed years ago but is kept open  because our lawmakers find it convenient.  Bush forgot that Washington was already named after a President, go figure. Our representatives are self serving, dang.

If it is reasonable for us to be offended that a pack of billionaire beggars shows up to beg for money, each in his own company plane costing 20,000,000 (at least) without even riding together, from as far away as Detroit ….. then American public opinon could be headed down a treacherous path of common sense.

If we find it offensive that these particuliar jackasses are too self-important to not have private jets then what about the rest of them out there?

The rest of them?  Wha? ……….. Oh Yea, just as the common sense cat got out of the sack some other jackass like me has to go and rat out an entire industry.

Most people haven’t the slightest notion of the size and scope of Corporate Aviation as an industry. You could do your own in depth internet research but there are a Buncho-BUNCH of little mulit-million dollar jets whizzing around the country on any given day. Taking people that are way too important to ride an airliner to places where they NEED to be from places they ain’t.

If you doubt my observation simply check out the airport in Louisville during the Kentucky Derby.  Or try to reserve a parking spot for your personal jet there (if you don’t have one you could fib). These people are way too  important to be seen in public or to be considered part of it.

Chicago during the weeks after the election was littered with these same corporate barges coming and going. Each one bringing people way too important to be seen, too dang special to stand in lines, and much too important to be ruffled by security checks. And certainly too important to be concerned with the costs of corporate travel.  A fun research paper would track the MDW (Chicago Midway) traffic in the weeks before and after the election and attach the registration numbers (used on the radio) of the airplanes to the records just to see who thinks it is important enough to send the jet(s) to Chicago. 

Walmart has the worlds largest fleet of corporate jets, but not the cleanest.

The cost of a corporate flight department is justified in two ways. First, airplane payments have great tax benefits. Second, the cost when divided by the daily wages of insanely important people seem to be a negative number. The idea here is that so many executive work days are saved by private planes that the expense is worth it. In case you aren’t an arithmetic whiz this is only possible if the wages are astronomically large.

I’m not a communiss, or a socialist, but I am concerned about our progression toward openly elitist capitalism. Things like elitism should be kept under wraps or advertised only for royalty, else the masses get grumpy. We don’t do well with grumpy masses. Never have.

At the very end of the Al Gore movie, after he was through being all presidential and scarry we were left with the unfortunate vision of his departure in a private G-2 smoking off into the wild blue yonder leaving a trail of jet exhaust at least a mile long.  What was the big hurry?

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