The Sky Is Blue


3 Responses to “The Sky Is Blue”

  1. luckyjet1 Says:

    If I had the slightest clue how to do so I would make pictures available for download so you could have them to use as wall-paper or whatever. Then you could be all like “whohoo look at my cool wallpaper and all your depressed co-workers would be like “I wish I was cool like you, and you could go “you should check this out and send this old guy money or something, and then I would be even more famous and you could buy my book. And your depressed, valued co-workers would feel somehow more complete, and yet used somehow.

    My new set of lightning pictures impresses even me and I’ve been taking pictures of lightning for a very long time. You can’t have them but they are about the most amazing pictures on the planet that weren’t taken by NASA. NASA can’t have them either, they can go take their own dang storm photos.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. You seem to have a lot of insight to share on what being a pilot is like and the airline industry as a whole. From where I sit (a college student that lives in oregon and goes to school in ohio and to whom flying has become a semi-regular thing) it seems like the airline industry has a huge problem with too much capacity causing ticket prices to drop well below ever increasing costs. (from underfunded pensions to increasing fuel prices) Would you agree with that and if so how much do you think it will shrink? Will airline flights again become the territory of the rich? Will people go back to ground travel? Are the modern security measures just exacerbating what is really just a minor problem that will clear itself up in the next 5-10 years?

  3. luckyjet1 Says:

    It all comes down to fuel prices and the inability of corporate groupthink to admit what the definition of “out of business” is.
    Without a fuel price subsidy of some sort the current business model for all but one airline in the US is flawed. As in: it just won’t work.

    The only reason most airlines are still operating at all is to keep cash flow going and prevent big invesment interests from owning a parking lot full of airplanes out in the desert.

    It isn’t really over capacity per se so much as it is the “Southwest Effect” on a massive scale. The rest of the industry can’t cover the cost of operation since they can’t afford to buy fuel futures.

    Southwest is like the nerd in a calculus class that wrecks the curve for everybody else since they are able to buy fuel at about half price. This doesn’t make them a bad thing, just different.

    Envisioning a future in which only the elite can afford to fly is the same as envisioning only the “well to do” being able to shop at Wal Mart. Both are parts of our history.

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