People Watching 101

Airports have got to be one of the top three best places to watch people.  Here we have a near perfect cross-section of society. It seems to me that they would eventually get where they are going and stay there, but they never do.

Some of the highlights of three hours of crowd observing today while waiting for the airplane to show up:

The enormous guy leaning back against a railing in a chair made for a little kid eating pizza with both hands. Some things are self explanatory.

The two guys, both with that blue communication thing stuck in their head, standing near each other. They were both using that LOUD VOICE that cell phone people use sometimes but there was evidently cross-talk since they kept giving each other a “what-the-fuck” look. I would love to know what they are thinking. Maybe the person on the other end og the conversation is responding to what the other guy said. What could ever go wrong with that?

A mom with her daughter about thirteen. The mom is dressed exactly like a 1981 street hooker, the daughter is dressed like a street hooker from the future.  This is fairly common but the mom seems to be making it a point to give everybody that looks at her daughter a nasty look. I would love to know what she is thinking.

A mom walking by carrying all of the stuff while her eleven year old son bitches, moans, and whines. He is fixated on her, and bitching and moaning, not watching where he is going. I don’t think she did it on purpose but she walked kind of close to a big column in the terminal. The kid smacked in to it. HA. I think I might have psychically willed this to happen.

Two airline employees walk by complaining about a valued co-worker in a loud voice, I’ll bet they do this all the time, every day.

An Indian guy with a turban on his head gets great looks from about everybody. I would love to know what they are thinking.

A cop with an enormous belly in front of his otherwise height / weight proportional self drops his cop radio and says fuck. I’d love to know if he realized he said it.

A girl with a lot of piercings and tatoos and a lot of herself showing checks herself out in a reflection of a window. I’m thinking that she is thinking “yes,this is exactly what I was going for”.  That must feel good.

Did you notice the guy in the pilot uniform sitting around for hours typing on a laptop?  If you wonder what he is thinking he is probably wondering what you are thinking.


One Response to “People Watching 101”

  1. Wow, you could really get stuck in a loop with that last sentence. I hope you did will that kid into the column, he deserved it.

    I love people watching, too. And airports are great for it.

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