Brandy Anyone?

Today in the news it was reported as a Big Damn Deal that an airplane flew using biofuel.

A jet engine is a remarkable piece of machinery. Someday soon I’ll  explain how one works if anybody cares. In the meantime please understand that the things have ALWAYS been able to run on about ANY liquid that will flow through a tube  and burn. 

Gasoline, coal oil, alcohol, acetone, even kerosene works fine. And now biofuel.

Actually, kerosene is jet fuel, there are some additives to reduce microbe growth and prevent icing but it is the same stuff. This is why a cold winter always brings higher jet fuel prices. Home heating Oil and Jet fuel are the exact same stuff. 

Maybe as an alternative to  using all of our agricultural resources to grow corn for ethanol and other biofuel nonsense we should just stop using heating oil. A few million Americans would be a little chilly during the winter but the rest of us would be able to afford food. Freeze or starve, let’s pick.

Please don’t get me wrong, I think the oil companies are a pack of thieving multi-national, un-American bandits. Petroleum based products are still inarguably far and away the most sensible liquid fuel for airplanes.

When you see prices go absolutely batshit at the grocery store it will be a direct result of this biofuel bullshit. Corn is feed for cattle. Using corn for fuel = High corn prices = high burger prices = us starving. 

The amount of energy required to produce ethanol makes the entire process absurd. Ethanol is the exact same stuff as White Lightning. Corn Liquor.  The energy to make the ethanol comes from coal. Coal is dirty stuff to burn, so any possible environmental benefit is offset by far.

Do not be fooled into thinking that by wrecking our food supply we will reduce our reliance on foreign oil. Where does all of the Alaskan North Slope oil from the pipeline go now anyway? Apply some logic and look at a globe. It ain’t Texas.

If you are concerned about foreign oil imports stop driving like fuel is free. The airlines have and it has cut fuel consumption by 10 percent or more.

And another worry, a big one. Suppose something causes a sudden public understanding of what nonsense the whole corn ethanol thing is, and the monthly billions the government is dumping into corn subsidies stop.  This could trigger a collapse in the corn market which could trigger the bankruptcy of  agriculture. 

Kind of like a great depression except we would need a new name.

Maybe the Great Dysfunction.


One Response to “Brandy Anyone?”

  1. I agree completely. Think a drought or other natural disaster in the corn belt is bad when we are just getting food from it? Imagine if we are getting food and a good portion of our fuel from it in the future. I heard another proposal that if we used 30,000sq miles of fields in the central US for solar, we could power the whole country. Another idiotic idea. We should look at switching things over to electricity that can be, such as heaters, and use a reasonable alternative like nuclear.

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