Moron This Later

Just in case you still thought pilots were smart check out the intellectual midget posting an article for AOL as captain for a major airline. References to airport security procedures, policies, and enforcement are not protected under “Free Speech”. Some pesky thing about homeland security prohibits this, but only if you know anything about it. Which he probably does.

The fun part now. AOL also had a huge “thing” on how to park a 757 using an automated parking system with Left and Right light signals. There should always be a person outside guiding the airplane, mainly to act as a safety observer in case someone wanders into the danger zone while you are parking. They call it the safety zone but I don’t understand why, being the most dangerous place on the airport.


 All the captain really needs to do is line up the head of the windshield wiper attach bolt with the extended centerline of the parking line and pull forward until the edge of the jetbridge is in the appropriate place on the side window for the type airplane.

It takes a little practice to know when your tail and thus your ass are behind you.

When the airplane is approaching the gate it really is a good idea for passengers to remain seated. Even though we aren’t going very fast in the event of an emergency stop it will feel like hitting a dumpster with a trike. If you happen to be standing up you will be thrown to the floor . Roughly. 

Happy Landings.


2 Responses to “Moron This Later”

  1. HI Luckyjet,
    can you provide a link to the article. I don’t know AOL and can’t figure out how to search.


  2. luckyjet1 Says:

    I don’t know much about AOL either but I think the above can be pasted.

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