A Sign Of Progress

An old aviation bumper sticker, truism, whatever:  A good pilot relies on his  judgement to avoid having to rely on his pilot skills to get him out of something bad judgement got him into.

 (style note: the masculine imparts the feminine and singular imparts the plural excepting when the forgoing  would change the meaning or implication of the statement. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, girls can be pilots too.)

In recent past my four year old grandson went with us on his first airline flight. His exponential cuteness and tiny airline uniform may have had a lot to do with the warm welcome he received. The crew had been reassigned to a different schedule and were pressed for time since this was about to result in an unscheduled airplane change.

The Captain took a full ten minutes out of a busy day to give him the full cockpit tour. He asked about forty questions a minute, flipped a lot of switches, and got to say “ladies and gentlemen” on the public address system. A fairly typical first time in the pilot seat experience for a little kid.

The coolest part was that by the next day he hadn’t mentioned that the Captain was a lady.  It just didn’t seem to be a noticeable part of the event for him. This, I think, marks a turning point for the industry.


One Response to “A Sign Of Progress”

  1. Huh! That is pretty cool. Mom’s always amazed that the boys don’t bat an eye at Uncle Tony’s crazy hair/beard. Kids assume everything is totally normal unless we point out otherwise.

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