The Best And Finest

For  years any time I’ve been the least bit pressed to have something to say in the presence of my valued co-workers out pops my favorite astronaut quote from The Right Stuff. 

“I am just proud to be part of an organization that brings out the best and finest in every individual”.  You can either mean it or not mean it, either way it is just about the perfect thing to say. Ten people in a room can each come away with the impression of their choice.

For a very long time there was a sticker on my flight bag that read ” People are terrific, Business is great, Life is wonderful”.  Those that knew me very well would often laugh out loud when they saw it.

Don’t get me wrong, I find more wonder in life than about ten of most people put together. American small business is a great thing. And, (at least some) people are terrific. It was a red white and blue sticker, I think it might have looked French or something.

This week I carried almost two thousand passengers from place to place. The flights were all “fullish” but not all crammed totally full. The weather wasn’t great but it didn’t suck, there weren’t any mechanical problems worthy of mention.  The air was fairly rough across the country off and on all week. Cabin service was suspended several times. Nobody complained, except the crew.

People were good. Something is different this year. It was quiet. This is unusual. Nobody was drunk or rude. There was even a full moon! It almost seemed like many people knew a secret of travel they didn’t know last holiday season.


It really is the moon, promise.

With the exception of a valued Flight Attendant co-worker that felt compelled to get all preachy with a “Customer Of  Size” travelling with his wife and son just to “make sure that he knows that next time he will need to buy an extra ticket”, I didn’t hear a cross word the entire time.  Except maybe for the part where I reminded the valued co-worker that we were in a crew base and accordingly he could be replaced with someone more pleasant without incurring a delay.

I don’t know if people are just tired but maybe, just maybe, they really are taking my advice and trying to float like a leaf on the river of air travel and find a quiet center of happiness that will whisk them to the destination.  Some of the families with little kids and babies even seemed pretty well organized. Blog readers?

But that would mean that thousands of you are secretly reading this nonsense and benefiting greatly from it without comment. It’s ok, so long as it works.

dang-storm.jpgAtlanta might even get rain


A rare view of the Organ mountains from over the White Sands missle range. The airspace is usually restricted but Lyndon Johnson (really) suggested that on holidays the airlines could benefit from using it.


What the instrument panel would look like if you were a camera, or a bobblehead, and the air was a little bumpy. The “people view” is usually not all shook up since we bounce at pretty much the same rate as the airplane. (If we wear the seatbelt)

storm-cloud.jpg This is about twenty miles away, but nasty

2 Responses to “The Best And Finest”

  1. Oooooh wow, I love the photos. We did indeed get rain but nothing too skeery. Hard to say what’s overcome the American people… perhaps your suggestion to chilllll is taking root. Or perhaps they’re all distracted by their concern over whether Britney will get her kids back.

  2. Found your blog via EB…

    Have to say, some of us really, really do try to take the Zen approach to travellening – namely, we will get there eventually, whining does not help, and helping my child to be calm, well-fed, and to burn off energy in the terminal, rather than on the plane, is a good thing 😀

    Am enjoying your blog so far!

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