So Far Away

This is going fairly well, considering. Our airplane is running about an hour late. With five flights ahead of us to get home it’s possible we might even be on time. Not likely, but possible.

From Florida to Louisiana then to south America and back, nothin to it. Except get all of these people and all this stuff crammed on the airplane and go. Five times.

The crew is all-right, the airplane isn’t my favourite but it’s ok, the weather isn’t great but it’s ok… we just need to get started.

The same line of storms across the South last night are still there, what could possibly go wrong.


“I’m going home” , one of the most beautiful three word sequences.


2 Responses to “So Far Away”

  1. Ahhh, you’re home now. What are the logistics of updating your blog in the middle of a work day?

  2. Free warless innernet, a late plane, a charged battery, and a place to sit.

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