Fear Of Flying?


It’s important to know that the things that always scare passengers hardly even bother pilots a bit. Not even a little.


 Oddly, the things that   r e a l l y scare pilots are usually over by the time anybody realizes they started,  and passengers hardly ever notice.

You really don’t need to bother with which is which. So why worry?


5 Responses to “Fear Of Flying?”

  1. So lava shooting out of active cumulus volcanoes? Which category does that fall into?

  2. Pyroclastic flow, geological, not my department. Really scary though.

  3. So what are those things that really, really scare pilots, then?

  4. What you see here is a jostled view of the wing tip. The wing movement provided by the storm with all the lightning. It does look like lava though. None of these are photoshopped.

  5. luckyjet1 Says:

    Ill post a thing about what pilots find sceerie soon. Usually what we call scared is really startled.

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