Last Week’s 4 day

Seven Thousand nine Hundred and Ninety five nautical miles, four days, eighty two hours away from base, an average of about a hundred and fourteen miles and hour. That would be while sleeping, drinking, eating and waiting.. and flying. Just not at the same time for the most part.

Things people ask: Do you fly the same route all the time?

 No, it changes weekly.

Do you fly with the same crew all the time? Usually the same pilots for the trip will fly together for the week. We might have three flight attendant crews each day or keep them for the whole trip.

Were you in the military?  No, draft dodger.

Is it going to be smooth today?  Of course, but I’d wear a seat belt unless you feel really lucky.

Can you get the BlaBlaBla score on the way? We always answer “Sure”. In reality it is a true pain in the ass to get sports scores out of an Air Traffic control facility. It’s kind of like calling the water company to ask for a stock quote. 

I have always been tempted to just make up some scores. And news. “This is your Captain speaking, I just thought you would like to know that Dallas beat Chicago 56 to 9 and fans rioted burning the windy city to the ground a second time. I hope your’e happy.”

2 Responses to “Last Week’s 4 day”

  1. luckyjet1 Says:

    Pilots are hourly paid heavy equipment drivers. After a point when you dont fly there is no paycheck.

    It is different from one company to the next but generally if you dont fly for a month or so due to illness it is going to make a difference.

    This is still a great gig but is not even close to being the job I thought it would be thirty years ago. The industry has changed and not all for the better.

  2. Nicolaus thinks it is total crap that he has to wear a seatbelt on the plane. I’ve explained to him about bumpy air and he gives me this look like “Oh sure… you think I’ll buy that because I’m just a kid”

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