Cruse and the Descent of man

I am pretty sure that Tom Cruse represents most of what is wrong with modern civilization. He can’t even act like himself.

If you watch late night or daytime TV you may have seen another Tom Cruse hustling the Hover-round scooter for the infirm. He looks much taller and older in the commercials than the one in those awful movies but I think we should give him a chance. 

Did you ever notice that the old tom is always the “best something” in every one of his movies. Even in the one that was a sorry remake  of Mars Attacks he was the best crane operator on the docks. Why can’t the little guy just relax and be comfortable with himself, or at least act like it. I forgot, he can’t act.

Tom Cruse doesn’t have problems of any sort since he is “best” .  Truth be known John Travolta is probably a better pilot. 

If my real name had to be  Maplethrerer I’d probably rather be me anyway.


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