Physicist Hopping Doctor PHD

Recurring dreams, there’s a real bitch of a concept.  Maybe we just don’t get the point the first time so our brain’s executive producer just contracts a slight rewrite and plays the same thing over again.

A recent addition to my “entertainment while sleeping” has been a large chain smoking rabbit with a Brooklyn accent. He lectures on physics.  This is especially great since my dreams usually suck and this is entertaining.

The physics part is understandable, the accent is obviously Feynman’s but the chain smoking part bugged me. So did one of the lectures.  A lecture from a rabbit I couldn’t understand.

Why a chain smoking rabbit? Is this some kind of sub-conscious need to smoke? Are old cravings coming back? No, as it turns out Feynman is smoking like crazy during his lectures, you can hear it clearly on the recordings.  It never occurred to me that just about all of his pictures show him holding a cigarette.

Why a rabbit in the first place?  The Rocky and Bullwinkle show occasionally featured a wise assed hare with a Brooklyn accent. On review the voice could be Richard himself.

I’ve been a fan of the Rocky and Bullwinkle show since before it was a rerun.  Yes, there was TV that long ago. If you haven’t seen it you have missed out on some fundamentally important American literature.

 If you don’t have recurring dreams of a pooka pacing around drawing Feynman diagrams and debating the existence of neutrino mass with himself I recommend that you start right away.

I’m pretty sure that if I can understand what the rabbit is trying to explain the “Theory of Everything” will be within my grasp.

I just wish he would quit smoking before it kills him. 


2 Responses to “Physicist Hopping Doctor PHD”

  1. Maybe he’s telling you to f****ng relax.

  2. HA! Are you sure they’re just cigarettes?

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