Shop Hoppin

This is always a busy time of year at our shop. It is really difficult to nail down exactly when this will happen each year since every school has a different program for orchestra and they wind it all up at different rates of speed.

Then there are the weird trends in size. Violins come in several sizes as do kids. It is odd how one certain size will be in huge demand one year and totally in surplus the next.

That’s all going on with a growing backlog of vintage repairs and one of our less reliable vendors sent a lacquer finished instrument wrapped in expanded foam. When the foam gets hot it “out-gasses” chlorine or something and does something chemical and evil to the finish. We are qualified and equipped to repair this for the factory but not delighted to take the time to do so.

A little minor work at the casa, speaker hanging, trash chucking and guitar playing. The day is complete.


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