Buffing, Smooting, Damien and Things Done

I actually managed to get to the shop early, about eleven. That may not seem very early but considering that my list of things to do yesterday included watching Life Aquatic and I didn’t get started with that till after 1 AM it’s not so bad really.

The devil violin required an entire new clear coat of lacquer. This is a new instrument and being sold as new so it should look new. This will require a few more hours of buffing tomorrow.

We are a factory authorized repair center and as such are an extension of the factory. The problem is that the factory has never really given the appearance of being responsibility based and I just can’t let something ugly go out to one of our customers. Maybe we should just buy the factory and stop the problem at the source. Either that or stop doing business with intellectual midgets. Thing is, they make such a bloody good electric violin.

It was a “Smoot” day at the shop, meaning that it was a time for lining things up and detailing what is wrong with them. The Smooter was a music teacher known for, among other things, lining all of the instruments up on the floor and calling us over to see what they needed. Usually nothing.

My vertically capable brother climbed up in the rafters to discover several violin outfits needing only minor fix up to be ready to rent. One was new with the parts robbed from it, must have been a good idea at the time.

The Planned Parenthood 2001 poster boy was in the shop today. It was about the fastest full up sizing, demonstration, explanation, contract and payment receipt ever. This kid is a true force of nature. We pity the mom.

I’m a strong believer in adding things to your to do list that you have already done and crossing them off at the same time. Sort of makes the day complete.

Pictures to follow soon, promise.


One Response to “Buffing, Smooting, Damien and Things Done”

  1. I love to put things on my to-do list that I’ve already done. I tell myself that it’s just so I have a record that I did it. But, no, it’s just a good feeling.

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