A Fish Out of Air

Pilots as a general rule aren’t known for finely honed ground navigation skills. Actually we do pretty well when on an airport since the signs , although a little skimpy and badly placed, do match the map well. Pilot ground navigation mistakes have only caused a thousand or so fatalities.

I rented a car for the overnight here in Providince so I could go check out some machines I might be interested in. Having farted around with the rental of the auto far too long I missed dinner at the hotel . The logical response to this of course was ROAD TRIP. Who wants to pile up in the car and lets blow out to get some food. No takers, so I bolted solo to get my own dang dinner.

Rhode Island is great country for getting piss lost and being able to recover and find ones bearings within about two hours. There was road construction on the freeway down to one lane, this was a mess so I got off to cut through a neighborhood. NOT recommended. The only reason someone doesn’t go door to door choking the obnoxious yankee sons a bitches is that you would have to apply for a permit. And the place where the permits are is near  Downtown Providence. Providence! Got off the freeway for the privlidge of wandering about looking for the gaddam freeway going the right direction. This took almost two hours. They don’t want to clutter things up with too many signs to the airport and since there is virtually no air traffic the airport is almost impossible to find from the ground. 

I was able to finally find the airport, the airport hotel, my room and the machines I went to see the next day. Not a total waste of time because it was nice to get out and around a little instead of sit in a hotel and wonder what hijinks OJ or Paris might pull next. 

I actually did get to hear a Rhoade Island Cop say “can’t get therea froma herea”. Part of the reason I  stayed lost was how funny everybody’s stupid  directions were. I had never heard a person say a word like “Woonsocket” before and on the inside I was laughing my ass off while on the outside I was saying thank you and enjoy those donuts you fat bastard, wondering already if it was left or right toward Woonsocket.


2 Responses to “A Fish Out of Air”

  1. I am so happy you have a blog. Wooooooonsocket!

  2. Its a real place, but you can’t get here from there.

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