Three vs Four

Hostage negotiations become critical as a situation reaches the end of the third day. This is for a good reason since people start to loose perception of the amount of time something has gone on after three days.

A three day trip is really not so long. I’m home part of the first day, even though I’m leaving. I’m gone a day. Then the third day I come home.

A four day trip is actually twice as long since there are two middle days instead of just one.

That’s my perception anyway, I’ve been taken up in this thing and am now part of it. The trip could go on forever and home would always be no farther away. And no closer, forever.

Then day four is over and all you have to do is be reoriented back into society again.


One Response to “Three vs Four”

  1. Are you allowed to talk about hostages and airline travel in the same conversation? Crap, now I’ve done it too.

    Society comes apart on day three I think of any stressful situation. Look at N.O. after Katrina. Or me during my first college semester’s exams when I did three all nighters in a row and started using rubber cement to decorate my walls with tin foil, which I then kept thinking were on fire because the light would reflect off of them just out of the corner of my eye and – well anyway. Three days is a mental limit of some sort. You’d think they’d limit pilot’s trips with that in mind.

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