Shop Work, Homework

There are five violins in restoration process each at a different level of completion. Two of these were  a real bugger to get back together since the forward block that holds the neck in place had been damaged on both of these and someone had attempted a home repair using mystery glue. This really complicates the repair. The worse of the two needed significant grafting of wood to the upper ribs so there would acutally be something to glue to the block. They are all coming along nicely.

The house has the quiet calm that differs from the quiet calm it had before my brother left only in that he is not likely to bust down stairs to watch westerns or discuss history, two of my top ten things to do. If you’ve never sat around and brandished a firearm at the television while trying to figure out what the Germans and Russians were up to before WW II you should try it.

The painting frenzy is beginning to abate. The white floor is about complete, only a little more molding  work, paint on the east wall of the entry hall will be done this week end.

The Luscomb wings are back up on the ceiling a little cleaner but not shined up much yet. When you polish aluminum remarkable quantities of aluminum oxide are produced. It is the opposite of a white floor so this will continue outside someday. 

Off to bed with  27 hours of flying planned through Monday, what could possibly go wrong.


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