09 – 11 For The Crewmembers

The Tragic Events affected all of us as Americans. Some more directly and profoundly than others.

On the morning of 9-11 it was impossible for me to correctly place my feelings. There was the expected shock and dismay, the sympathy, anger and remorse. Fear, and something else I really could not identify. 

This went on for days. The following Friday after having flown over Manhattan and seen the still smoldering dust cloud from the ruins of the twin towers it became clear.

 When I was about eight years old there was a little girl in our neighborhood from two blocks over who had immigrated from Germany. The details of the lead up are a little fuzzy but I called her something that had the word Nazi in it and she kicked my ass profoundly.

She kicked my ass. A girl kicked my ass by surprise, beat me all up and held me on the ground and slapped me.  I ran home crying.

That was exactly how I felt that morning.  Pride never entered into it. Still hasn’t.

Please take a moment to remember the Aviation Professionals that died at work that day and their families.

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