Day Three

Midland – Dallas – Tulsa – Dallas – Austin – Dallas and done for a few days. We started out a few minutes late since the airplane came in behind schedule from Vegas and were never able to quite catch up.

It was one of those days when the Texas weather just blustered and bullied but never really got it together to have a well organized line of storms. A large temperature inversion and upper level trough set off all of the turbulence plot warnings for everywhere we went after Dallas. 

The first cabin crew rode in with us from the hotel.  They were aloof. Valued co-workers I’m sure but aloof and forgettable.  A new trainee FA, actually a person hired as a FA supervisor trainee was on the extra jumpseat all day. The crew just about made us nuts with calls to the cockpit about the cabin being too warm, connection information, and if it would stay bumpy after the ride had smoothed out nicely. That’s how the day started and pretty much how it finished.

A pretty much full airplane all day, two big guys on the jumpseats on the first leg, the rides not too bad, distant lightning all evening, crooked flying airplane with mismatched engines, four fair landings and a surly co-pilot.  Not bad overall.


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