Fly Manana

Tomorrow is another “day one”,  massive preparations are in order and being ignored. The uniform is scattered all over the house. I’m not really sure why.

The “white room” picture post has raised a few questions but everybody is for the most part too lazy to comment or afraid to ask.

 The answers are as follows:

1.) Yes, that is a giant picture of John and Yoko.

2.) Yes, those are real airplane wings on the ceiling.

3.) Yes, we do have furniture. It’s just that we found most of it by the road or got it from people that died a very long time ago so my lovely wife is plotting to replace it with something a store will deliver.

Today was one of those days when one starts out late and just never quite catches up.

A lot of large airplane electrical system designs use a concept called load shedding. The idea is that if one of the generators fails the system is designed to shed nonessential electrical loads to keep all of the important stuff going. 

My brain seems to work  with a similiar intent but is often unable to automatically determine the difference between  the coffee maker and the navigation radios.  I think that may be why I threw my keys in the refrigerator and found my gun in the piano bench.


One Response to “Fly Manana”

  1. Ah! I didn’t realize you’d added pictures until just now. It looks incredible.

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