T is for Training . . T is for Time

There was a severe perturbation in the space-time fabric in our stellar neighborhood today that you may have noticed. Time almost stopped for a while.

This was primarily due to the conduct of recurrent ground school “Emergency Procedures Training” which I am required to attend.

This is a solid fifteen minutes of training material crammed into about nine hours including such exciting things as TSA mandated role playing, locations of  things like first aid kits and whatnot (haven’t moved in 26 years), where the wheel chairs are stowed in the back of the airplane, and a host of other exciting things pilots could generally give a tangental rat’s ass about. Not to be overly mean about it the instructor did a fine job, like a good actor in one of those painful movies where you can tell that everybody knew it would suck except you as you paid nine dollars for the ticket.  The difference is that for this they had to pay me ( a lot ) so maybe they didn’t have to try provide entertaining material.

I, of course, remain proud to be a recognized and valued part of an organization that brings out the best and finest in each individual. 

On the other hand the public has no idea what we as “aviation professionals” must endure to remain proficient, qualified and current at what we do. For the most part we are self taught through guided on the job experiment with periodic career threatening pass-fail exams. So it works out that we can be bored absolutely cross-eyed and still get everything right. For the most part anyway. 

Nobody could walk away from anything without  having learned something, it could have all been on a 3 x 5 index card though.

One Response to “T is for Training . . T is for Time”

  1. Ha! You stole my line! I call RGS, “30 minutes of information crammed into three days.”

    Good stuff…I even sent my wife a link so she’ll know I’m not the only one who runs around looking for epaulettes, badges, and hats (oh, my)!

    I got here from your daughter’s site. My wife and I were one of her earlier ‘Birds on Plexiglass’ customers.

    Thanks for the layover entertainment!

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