In a white room . . .

Tabula rosa, de blank slate, a white room. Not a white room really, just a white floor. That ain’t so wacky is it? A lot of people even have white carpet, at least for a while. 

About five or six years ago my lovely daughter compelled her stalwart husband to come to town and pull up the sea of blue carpet and in its place stain and seal the concrete in an interesting way.

This looked great for a while but a little over a year ago my lovely daughter needed studio space for a positively huge set of canvas things so her lovely mom, said something like “Sure, go ahead and paint on the floor and have the kids track blue and yellow paint all over the place, that will be great!”  So grandsons 1.0, 1.1 and others added greatly to the interesting nature of the floor with thier little feets.

I actually liked the little feets, I could easily imagine happy kid noises looking at them. Grumpy, whiny, runny nose noises are hardly ever captured in paint footprint media.

Last month we secretly decided to paint the floor gloss white. The idea came from one of those movies that makes me wonder if anybody involved in the production process ever looked at any of it, ever. They didn’t even let Eddy Izard be funny! But the super ex-girlfriend had a cool apartment with white gloss floors.


So now we do too.

Now the walls look like all dingy hell and my knees hurt. And it is amazing how much hair two people and one cat can shed when the floor is sticky and white!

3 Responses to “In a white room . . .”

  1. Peeeeecturrrrrresssssss!

  2. And by the way, sorry about the footprints. Though if it makes you feel any better, the fact that they tracked painted feet through your living room also means that they stepped on my artwork. I later relocated to the driveway of our house, where the neighbor children RODE THEIR BIKES through the art. All part of the creative process I guess.

  3. Wow!!! It looks AMAZING.

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