Burnt Biscuits and Second Chances

Who on this planet earth, at least in one of the countries where there is still food and a way to cook it, hasn’t over toasted or over baked a bread product.

If you are lucky enough to have something to bake and  unlucky or scatter-brained enough to over do it there is a kitchen tool you already have that will fix your toast and/or biscuit.

That weird thing on the other side of a cheese grater with the little star shaped pokie holes in it is all you need to remove the burnt layer and preserve the part that isn’t yet carbonized. Just hold it over the sink and rub the burnt side with the star thing until it looks about right.  This really works.

This probably isn’t good for you for  any number of  reasons. The toast probably doesn’t deserve a second chance anyway and research will eventually show that burnt anything is carcinogenic.

A little jam or whatever and nobody need ever know. It’s a hell of a lot faster than making more biscuits and we all know how important it is to save time. Therefore, time is biscuits.


2 Responses to “Burnt Biscuits and Second Chances”

  1. Digital Glamour

    good stuff

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