Bidness N’ Astronauts

No flying this week due to illness, nothing serious just one of those sinus things that you should rather your Captain didn’t take on the road.

So, the opportunity to appear in municipal court in defense of  de-fence did not have to be forestalled after all. The hearing might have been moved to another date or could have been ignored. I could also have gotten a default judgement against me for two grand.  As it turns out my pictures of the heinous fence were of  a more pleasing nature than those provided by the city as evidence against me. Nikon . . . . accept no substitute.

How that went:

Me: “Yes yohner, that picture does show two loose slats, I repaired those and rehinged the gate over a month ago. I have these ten pictures labeled as to the direction they are taken. The citation was not specific as to the complaint otherwise I would have not taken so many.”  The Judge flipped through my ten 4 x 6 prints. He took a moment to align the  two sorry 8 x 10 prints provided by the city attorney with my corresponding morning sunlight angled through rustic but sturdy weathered slats and totally unretouched ( I really do swear to god ) view of sort of the same area.  Judge: “Case dismissed”. Me: ( on the inside ) “HA”.

The shop was  busy with the back to school crowd clamoring for violins, violas and minor repairs.

Violin shop things that have always amazed me:

1. People wait for the first day of school to bring totally unrelated instruments in for repair.

2. Kids who get the same instrument they had last year will complain about damage They did.

3. A four year old wrestling around on the floor with a fairly expensive violin and a polish cloth is actually good for sales.

4. How many times a phone can ring in five minutes.

 5. How readily people will say they know absolutely nothing about violins other than they want to buy one and then not listen when I try to tell them the truth.

The Astronaut Part

Notwithstanding what you may have heard in the media every Astronaut I have had occasion to talk to or fly with has been a fine individual and a credit to humanity. On the other hand they are pilots, and that should mean something. If you really think about it you probably wouldn’t let the government blast you anywhere near a low orbit without getting good and damn ripped the night before. Take that shuttle and stuff it.

Flight time Today: 0:00

                  Month 78:48



4 Responses to “Bidness N’ Astronauts”

  1. So, basically, you fought the law, and the law didn’t win?!?

  2. The law caved in the face of unrelenting coolness. And better pictures! Dad, Wolf camera should use your fence pictures in an ad to justify their outrageous prices and lukewarm service.

  3. Let me guess, that 4 year old was the ever incredible Nicoluas.

  4. Good guess, he displays a detailed understanding of violin family instruments that most orchestra teachers and “pros” seem to lack. Some of his first words were about the parts of a violin and he was an early talker. Working with him at the repair bench can be a little wild at times but so far there hasn’t been any damage.

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