The Wedding, and Extreme Self Reliance

My brother’s bride was beautiful, and we were all amazing. All in attendance were certainly stunned at our amazingness. Grandson number 1 was the ring bearer. Wouldn’t it be great if they really were bears with rings, better yet, wings. Every wedding needs a winged bear or two to liven things up.

The event went pretty much as planned, my best man speech sucked out loud mainly because I didn’t really say anything much. All the great ideas I had for it were obscured by low blood sugar, a tad of alcohol, and the  maid o’ honor who really had things to say.  

It was a great party by any standard, all of the disasters were averted, nobody bolted, it seemed that everybody had a really good time.  

This morning after about 22 years of parental care, medling and interference our number 3 son went off to the high desert to engage in extreme self reliance and gad knows what all else.

It is interesting to note that his mother just about had a breakdown of some minor sort because he is not equipped with a cell phone.

Perhaps one does need to get out of the way in order to let others gain thier own place in the world.  Or maybe extreem self reliance at a heathen festival in the desert is just what we all need.  Why the hell not. 

I’m trying to formulate a thought that would express the inverse of extreme self relaince. Perhaps something like “loving neglect of others” . Or maybe the LeBowski doctrine “do what your parents did sir, get a job.”  Oh yea, heres two tents a duffle bag, water bottle, blankets and a wad of cash. We suck at parenting.


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