Flotsam and Jetsom

Incomplete tuxedos are hanging in the living room, mom is enroute to Houston and all the livestock is  again facing North.  Scores of dear guests, family and friends have retreated like a wave.  A wave I saw coming but was much larger than my footing was prepared for.

Number one son and the birthday girl have departed for “the city”, number two son is enroute to the Burning Man and presumed extremely self reliant.

The giant lizard has experienced an unexpected home coming and is caged for his own protection where Neutrino the cat can admire but not attack.

My brother is carting handsfull of stuff out to his Jaguar. You know, moving. Correction: he is putting it in the Volvo which is by comparison huge. At this rate of progress the 7.6 cubic kilometers of stuff he has will be out in a jiffy.

Daughter 1.0 and grandsons 1.0 and 1.1 are still here for visiting. 

The house is still a disaster but it has a sense of tidy calm and anticipation of project completion we haven’t noticed in a long while.

A bath would be nice but since daughter 1.0 is around and there are no walls in the room with the tub it can wait.

 We are as a group totally wiped out.

Tomorrow is the last day before a new “day one of four” A.M. sequence of cities.

Flight time today: 0:00

                   Month: 78:48

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