Far Aints No More

This may be wrong in a “we are our brothers keeper” morality sense but it is a really effective method for ridding property of fire ants.

 You could be killed doing this, badly injured, blinded, or maimed beyond repair.

Of course it is a hell of a lot of fun and the ants are gone forever.

 Get a can of slow burning rifle powder, it isn’t real expensive and comes in one through 5 pound cans. You will also need a good broom stick and some kitchen matches.

 Water the area lightly for a while to soften the earth,

Jamb the broom stick down deep in the fire ant nest then pull it out leaving the broom stick hole.

Pour about an ounce of powder in the hole. Don’t get too close as you toss lit kitchen matches down the  hole

Stand a ways back and toss lit kitchen matches  in the hole.

When you achieve light-off a blue hot flame will shoot up out of the ground, then suck back down in the hold with a howling noise.  A thin fog of toxic gas will filter up through the ground where the nest was. Temperature in the base of the nest probably reaches about 1,200 degrees C and takes a while to cool off.  This kills all of the ants, without the use of poison.

Assuming you don’t blow yourself up there will remain only a nice green patch in the yard from the nitrogen gas released during the combustion.

This really works!  As number one in the series of “how to do it ” posts you’ll see here occasionally this is one of my favorites.

2 Responses to “Far Aints No More”

  1. I am appalled that there have been no comments to this post as this has proven, over the years, to be a highly effective and enviornmentally friendly means (nitrogen from the powder is good for the soil) to communicate one’s displeasure with fire-ants AND to permanently dispense with (kill) them at the same time, much like the way we dealt with the Japs during WW II, though that involved napalm as opposed to gun powder. Be sure NOT to use Black Powder unless, of course, your intent is to blow a hole in the ground and merely disperse the ants; modern DuPont rifle powder does the trick. Better living through chemicals. And Napalm. DuPont can hook one up with both.

  2. Thousands of explosively dispersed pissed off anything is hardly ever good.

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