All things In Moderation

My late mother in law was famous for saying something to the effect of “all things in moderation”. They tell me that the moderation thing is important, I can’t really say.  I think I sorted it out though.

The jury duty was a breeze, a little boring but I was out by ten thirty, I never was much for getting picked for things.

There’s a certain background level of stress causing me to gnash my teeth together, this will need to be attended to before the teeth are gone. The stress will probably endure.

 As for the ugly fence I’ll try to post a photo or two. It is fairly rustic but it doesn’t have to keep animals in or much in the way of predators out.  Got a big gun for that. I think it is odd that we are all so dang worried about paper vs plastic vs bring your own dang sack to the store but think nothing of spending thousands of dollars to have undocumented workers install truckloads of wood fencing around a yard we irrigate with drinking water.  This makes about as much sense as growing corn to distill whiskey and burn it with gasoline when millions are starving and would gleefully eat corn. I even like corn in moderation of course.

Wedding logistics and arrival of attendees seem on schedule. I’m behind on a movie credit looking thing I’m doing for the reception room TV but have got it figured out.

 Number one son and I were trying to sort out something number two son had done to the television when he leapt up on a rickety table my parents had in their first apartment. My swift “getoffthegaddamtable” made me feel just terrible. Then, I did mean “get off the gaddam table, but I could have been nice.

Flight Time Today 00:00

Flight Time Month 78:48

I’ll add up the year total


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