Morning sucks

Ain’t civic responsibility just the thing we all need.  Our contract allows for us to be home for jury duty and still get paid pretty much the same.  After 16 years I finally got called for Jury Duty on a day during a scheduled trip.

So this morning at 3:15 I got up to fly from Norfolk to Baltimore to Tampa then Deadhead ( ride in the back of the plane ) through New Orleans home to Dallas. 

I really do love my job, especially when it’s easy to stay awake while doing it. Many say that flying early in the morning is like getting paid double since you probably only remember half of what you did.  I certainly couldn’t. Couldn’t say or couldn’t remember?  Who really cares.

Wedding preparations are in full tilt along with the required freakzoid behaviours on the parts of all participants and probably most attendees. 

This is going to be really cool, really . . . . . great fun. It isn’t every day my brother gets married, not even every decade.


4 Responses to “Morning sucks”

  1. I’ve only had to do jury duty once. It didn’t take that much time, but it still sucked, civic duty and all, whatever.

    I hope the wedding goes great!

  2. I’ve come here from Electric Boogaloo – I’d like to keep up with your blog, but you haven’t got your rss feeds turned on. Any chance?

    And any chance of seeing a picture of a fence so unsightly that it costs you $800 in fines? I can’t even imagine….

  3. Oh indeed morning sucks!

  4. Morning is just fine, so long as you have been awake all night.

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