Day One . . .again

The Captain’s log on Star Trek always started out with that cool “star-date” thing. I never really understood it, but it did give a sense of something that could be sorted out with a little effort.

If you listen to an airline crew talk amongst themselves you might hear something like “What day is it for you guys?” The response will usually be a number expressed like something written on a UPS box. “Day two of four for me, but day one of three for him”.  The point is that few of us really know what actual day it is, only where we are within a given trip pairing or sequence.  But then, you probably don’t need to know what a pairing or sequence is anyway.

Four fairly complicated violin restorations are in progress on my bench at the shop, two set-up jobs are promised for the day after I get home. My old Ford truck breathed in part of the induction system and needs this and some brake work, the city has fined me almost $800 because my fence is ugly, my youngest is having his “dreads” made less narly for my brother’s wedding Saturday,  I have jury duty instead of day 3 on this trip, I’m trying to get a good deal on a digital readout for the Bridgeport mill in my shop at home, the entire family is coming to town for the wedding and my house is a disaster.

You probably think, oh yea, disaster, sure . Not so bad compared to mine.  No, it is really a disaster but I’ll go into the details of that another time. 

For now it is the bottom of day 1 and I really should be at the bar by now before somebody else gets whatever it was that I would have gotten if I had been there first. 

4 Responses to “Day One . . .again”

  1. Maybe you could send pictures of the rest of the house to the city and be all like see? The fence ain’t so bad now, is it!

  2. luckyjet1 Says:

    Gad only knows what the fine for that would be. It seems that the henias fence could be up to $2,000 if I fuss about it. The place does photograph well from some angles though…hmmm

  3. I love the stream of conciousness thing going here. Have a good time with the wedding.

    And what’s with the $800 fine???

    And, didn’t Einstein prove that time is relative?

  4. You can be fined for having ugly fences where you live? And who decides what’s ugly?

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