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Bidness N’ Astronauts

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No flying this week due to illness, nothing serious just one of those sinus things that you should rather your Captain didn’t take on the road.

So, the opportunity to appear in municipal court in defense of  de-fence did not have to be forestalled after all. The hearing might have been moved to another date or could have been ignored. I could also have gotten a default judgement against me for two grand.  As it turns out my pictures of the heinous fence were of  a more pleasing nature than those provided by the city as evidence against me. Nikon . . . . accept no substitute.

How that went:

Me: “Yes yohner, that picture does show two loose slats, I repaired those and rehinged the gate over a month ago. I have these ten pictures labeled as to the direction they are taken. The citation was not specific as to the complaint otherwise I would have not taken so many.”  The Judge flipped through my ten 4 x 6 prints. He took a moment to align the  two sorry 8 x 10 prints provided by the city attorney with my corresponding morning sunlight angled through rustic but sturdy weathered slats and totally unretouched ( I really do swear to god ) view of sort of the same area.  Judge: “Case dismissed”. Me: ( on the inside ) “HA”.

The shop was  busy with the back to school crowd clamoring for violins, violas and minor repairs.

Violin shop things that have always amazed me:

1. People wait for the first day of school to bring totally unrelated instruments in for repair.

2. Kids who get the same instrument they had last year will complain about damage They did.

3. A four year old wrestling around on the floor with a fairly expensive violin and a polish cloth is actually good for sales.

4. How many times a phone can ring in five minutes.

 5. How readily people will say they know absolutely nothing about violins other than they want to buy one and then not listen when I try to tell them the truth.

The Astronaut Part

Notwithstanding what you may have heard in the media every Astronaut I have had occasion to talk to or fly with has been a fine individual and a credit to humanity. On the other hand they are pilots, and that should mean something. If you really think about it you probably wouldn’t let the government blast you anywhere near a low orbit without getting good and damn ripped the night before. Take that shuttle and stuff it.

Flight time Today: 0:00

                  Month 78:48



Flotsam and Jetsom

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Incomplete tuxedos are hanging in the living room, mom is enroute to Houston and all the livestock is  again facing North.  Scores of dear guests, family and friends have retreated like a wave.  A wave I saw coming but was much larger than my footing was prepared for.

Number one son and the birthday girl have departed for “the city”, number two son is enroute to the Burning Man and presumed extremely self reliant.

The giant lizard has experienced an unexpected home coming and is caged for his own protection where Neutrino the cat can admire but not attack.

My brother is carting handsfull of stuff out to his Jaguar. You know, moving. Correction: he is putting it in the Volvo which is by comparison huge. At this rate of progress the 7.6 cubic kilometers of stuff he has will be out in a jiffy.

Daughter 1.0 and grandsons 1.0 and 1.1 are still here for visiting. 

The house is still a disaster but it has a sense of tidy calm and anticipation of project completion we haven’t noticed in a long while.

A bath would be nice but since daughter 1.0 is around and there are no walls in the room with the tub it can wait.

 We are as a group totally wiped out.

Tomorrow is the last day before a new “day one of four” A.M. sequence of cities.

Flight time today: 0:00

                   Month: 78:48

The Wedding, and Extreme Self Reliance

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My brother’s bride was beautiful, and we were all amazing. All in attendance were certainly stunned at our amazingness. Grandson number 1 was the ring bearer. Wouldn’t it be great if they really were bears with rings, better yet, wings. Every wedding needs a winged bear or two to liven things up.

The event went pretty much as planned, my best man speech sucked out loud mainly because I didn’t really say anything much. All the great ideas I had for it were obscured by low blood sugar, a tad of alcohol, and the  maid o’ honor who really had things to say.  

It was a great party by any standard, all of the disasters were averted, nobody bolted, it seemed that everybody had a really good time.  

This morning after about 22 years of parental care, medling and interference our number 3 son went off to the high desert to engage in extreme self reliance and gad knows what all else.

It is interesting to note that his mother just about had a breakdown of some minor sort because he is not equipped with a cell phone.

Perhaps one does need to get out of the way in order to let others gain thier own place in the world.  Or maybe extreem self reliance at a heathen festival in the desert is just what we all need.  Why the hell not. 

I’m trying to formulate a thought that would express the inverse of extreme self relaince. Perhaps something like “loving neglect of others” . Or maybe the LeBowski doctrine “do what your parents did sir, get a job.”  Oh yea, heres two tents a duffle bag, water bottle, blankets and a wad of cash. We suck at parenting.

Far Aints No More

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This may be wrong in a “we are our brothers keeper” morality sense but it is a really effective method for ridding property of fire ants.

 You could be killed doing this, badly injured, blinded, or maimed beyond repair.

Of course it is a hell of a lot of fun and the ants are gone forever.

 Get a can of slow burning rifle powder, it isn’t real expensive and comes in one through 5 pound cans. You will also need a good broom stick and some kitchen matches.

 Water the area lightly for a while to soften the earth,

Jamb the broom stick down deep in the fire ant nest then pull it out leaving the broom stick hole.

Pour about an ounce of powder in the hole. Don’t get too close as you toss lit kitchen matches down the  hole

Stand a ways back and toss lit kitchen matches  in the hole.

When you achieve light-off a blue hot flame will shoot up out of the ground, then suck back down in the hold with a howling noise.  A thin fog of toxic gas will filter up through the ground where the nest was. Temperature in the base of the nest probably reaches about 1,200 degrees C and takes a while to cool off.  This kills all of the ants, without the use of poison.

Assuming you don’t blow yourself up there will remain only a nice green patch in the yard from the nitrogen gas released during the combustion.

This really works!  As number one in the series of “how to do it ” posts you’ll see here occasionally this is one of my favorites.

All things In Moderation

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My late mother in law was famous for saying something to the effect of “all things in moderation”. They tell me that the moderation thing is important, I can’t really say.  I think I sorted it out though.

The jury duty was a breeze, a little boring but I was out by ten thirty, I never was much for getting picked for things.

There’s a certain background level of stress causing me to gnash my teeth together, this will need to be attended to before the teeth are gone. The stress will probably endure.

 As for the ugly fence I’ll try to post a photo or two. It is fairly rustic but it doesn’t have to keep animals in or much in the way of predators out.  Got a big gun for that. I think it is odd that we are all so dang worried about paper vs plastic vs bring your own dang sack to the store but think nothing of spending thousands of dollars to have undocumented workers install truckloads of wood fencing around a yard we irrigate with drinking water.  This makes about as much sense as growing corn to distill whiskey and burn it with gasoline when millions are starving and would gleefully eat corn. I even like corn in moderation of course.

Wedding logistics and arrival of attendees seem on schedule. I’m behind on a movie credit looking thing I’m doing for the reception room TV but have got it figured out.

 Number one son and I were trying to sort out something number two son had done to the television when he leapt up on a rickety table my parents had in their first apartment. My swift “getoffthegaddamtable” made me feel just terrible. Then, I did mean “get off the gaddam table, but I could have been nice.

Flight Time Today 00:00

Flight Time Month 78:48

I’ll add up the year total

Morning sucks

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Ain’t civic responsibility just the thing we all need.  Our contract allows for us to be home for jury duty and still get paid pretty much the same.  After 16 years I finally got called for Jury Duty on a day during a scheduled trip.

So this morning at 3:15 I got up to fly from Norfolk to Baltimore to Tampa then Deadhead ( ride in the back of the plane ) through New Orleans home to Dallas. 

I really do love my job, especially when it’s easy to stay awake while doing it. Many say that flying early in the morning is like getting paid double since you probably only remember half of what you did.  I certainly couldn’t. Couldn’t say or couldn’t remember?  Who really cares.

Wedding preparations are in full tilt along with the required freakzoid behaviours on the parts of all participants and probably most attendees. 

This is going to be really cool, really . . . . . great fun. It isn’t every day my brother gets married, not even every decade.

Zorch Threat

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It seems that much of this so called i n t e r n e t is not as it appears. One more frustration and ZIP……….. I’ll zorch all of this and start over  HA

That was from last night, now at a clamer 2:45 am as in 0245, getting ready for the originator of day 2 I’m confident of the technology.  Off we go to start another great day with the travelling public and valued coworkers